Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Parish Pilgrimage - Day 9 - October 15

Today is a day that was scheduled to be entirely free - so that our pilgrims could take a day to rest & pray on their experiences over the past week (or take time to go to the miraculous baths - something all of the ladies did on Monday).  Since it's a free day - there's really no photos - but here we are in the Chapel of St. Joan of Arc in the "Upper Basilica" of the Immaculate Conception, where we celebrated Mass this morning...

Here is some information on Lourdes & St. Bernadette to help you pray along with us today.  Click here.

And here are just a few more from our time here in Lourdes...

Our Pilgrims in front of the "Lower Basilica" of the Rosary
The Nighttime Procession as it winds around the Sanctuary

The Gave River from our Hotel rooms
The Sanctuary of the Church where Bernadette was baptized

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