Monday, October 14, 2013

Parish Pilgrimage - Day 7 - October 13

Today was a travel day - transitioning from Rome to Lourdes.  First, however, we attended Mass at Our Lady of Grace church very near to our hotel.  We had tried several other options to celebrate Mass, in English, as a group, but none of them seemed to work for our group.  So, we had the opportunity to experience the life of a local Roman parish church.

Then following Mass, we transferred from the hotel to the airport for our flight from Rome to Paris, then Paris to Pau - where we met our new guide and proceeded to the town of Lourdes.

On arrival at the hotel we had dinner, then a number of us walked to the grotto, where the candlelight procession had just ended.  We had the chance to visit the grotto in silence and darkness - a very beautiful and prayerful time.  Many of our pilgrimage took advantage of the light crowds to walk into the grotto, touch the walls, and see the spring which St. Bernadette dug out with her own hands - where water still flows.

Sorry.  Don't have any pictures for today...

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